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      未來我們的奮斗目標是成為一家可持續發展 、穩定繁榮的全球優秀企業。不斷創新研發對社會有益的新技術和新產品的同時,還要始終承擔起社會進步與環境保護的責任!  


      Tangshan Xintai metal products Co., Ltd., is a set of new research and development, professional production and sales of the modern enterprise radiator. Adhering to the "scientific management, quality first, innovation and social services," management tenet, good governance, ten years of innovation and development, the scale of brand radiator received high praise from the media, industry experts and building HVAC design professionals.

      In the future, our goal is to become a global excellent enterprise with sustainable development, stability and prosperity. While innovating, researching and developing new technologies and products beneficial to society, we should always shoulder the responsibility of social progress and environmental protection!

      Thoroughly implement the "12th Five-Year" Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the "innovation and development, green development" line, and strive to make the company into a benchmark industry enterprises, better services to society, benefit the children.

    In the context of booming domestic economy,the scale of the brand does not of forget the beginning of the hearts.
    Always adhere to their beliefs,people-oriented,adhere to the quality of service.
    The first development route.Step by step ,solid and steady.


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